Accommodation In Pushkar
"The Narayan Resort offers world-class amenities."

If you want accommodation in Pushkar, you are in the right place. The Narayan Resort provided the best accommodations in Pushkar, where there are a number of perfect accommodations. The Narayan Resort is excellent for budget resorts located around 350 metres and staying in luxury resorts or camps in the beautiful desert, especially for the fair.

The Narayan Resort offers comfortable and snug accommodation with all facilities needed for providing full rest and uninterrupted sleep to your body and resulting in full enjoyment of the camel fair and other excursions in Pushkar. The Narayan Resort Resorts are furnished with a cherished interior with an antique collection of furniture, round-the-clock basic amenities like water, electricity, charging points, and other facilities like clean and hygienic bed spreads, blankets, comfy mattresses, A.C. LED rest chairs, professional staff with allegiance and dedication, and numerous additional resources.

The Narayan Resort takes place during the famous Camel Safari and Festival of Brahma in October or November every year; the exact date is determined according to the Indian lunar calendar. The traditional "shikar" style camp consists of elegant and luxurious twin-bedded tents with verandahs with deck chairs in front and attached bathrooms with running hot water at the back, a spacious Mughal-designed dining tent, a charming recreation tent that serves as a lounge, and a huge bonfire every evening.

On the off chance that you are wanting to attend the Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan, there are various impeccable accommodations. These The Narayan Resort is great for spending time in tents situated around 300 metres away and remaining in extravagance in rose camps in the lovely desert, particularly for the fair. The Narayan Resort offers 09-Cottage or 06-Camp in Pushkar. The camp has the most perfect and agreeable convenience at the Pushkar Fair. Throughout the day, you can experience the energising exercises of the Pushkar Ras and then unwind at our luxurious tents. which will take you to the time of Arabian evenings. Remaining there gives you the distinct impression that you are truly in various hypnotic worlds.

The Narayan Resort provides immeasurable value in a natural and feasible setting. Tents with twin beds are luxurious tents that are finished with fresh, clean cotton lines. A quiet generator, candles, and mashals are used to help specify the tranquil atmosphere. Each tent has connected toilets with legitimate services like running hot and cool water on the site's veranda.Life vibrates with society's music and clans moving around. The bornfire serves as the camp's focal point.

The Narayan Resort has been in operation in Pushkar, Rajasthan, for the past 15 years.They are running camps in Nagaur and pushkar reasonable.The camp has spent significant time in the rose settlement at the Pushkar Fair. The Narayan Resort is located in the heart of Pushkar. The camp is 1.5 kilometres from Pushkar's reasonable ground. Camp welcomes you to feel the enterprise of the camel safari, which takes you to the brilliant sands of the West Texas desert. Pushkar camel safari in Pushkar allows guests to see a blend of mountain and scene, desert, and rose orchids that will energise and brim with site scene. The Narayan Resort has an incredible luxury camp with well-comforts that provide tent convenience. Lower regions of the resort provide fresh and clean food. They serve all sorts of vegetarian food in camp.