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Pushkar Situated at a distance of 11 kilometres from Ajmer, it's a nice place surrounded by the sacred Pushkar Lake. Pushkar marks the beginning of the semi-desert region. It is a tourist attraction for those who enjoy it. Camel Safari in Pushkar It's a perfect place to take a nice picture with your camera to share your memories with family and friends. The Narayan Resort provides sunsets and sunrises. Camel Safari in Pushkar, Overnight Camel Safari with Kalbaliya Dance, at a very reasonable price with experienced and professional faculty. Call us at +919309222001. You can also make a reservation with us online.

Rough riding in sand ridges alongside pit fire on rises, which is the life-time understanding, would be incredible fun. The Narayan Resort offers vacationers a chance to appreciate life in the gleaming greatness of the desert sand. A camel safari enables the voyagers to investigate the life and loftiness of Rajasthan and captivate the desert landscape. So don't miss this piece of your Pushkar visit. If you are old and insufficiently valiant to ride on a camel's back, At that point, go for the camel truck.
Overnight Camel Safari Pushkar
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The Narayan Resort offers two types of safaris: a "sunset or sunrise" safari for those who only have a few hours to spare and an "overnight safari" for those who wish to explore the surrounding areas of Pushkar a little more in depth. The Narayan Resort offers the best Overnight Camel Safari Pushkar and Camel Safari with efficient and timely delivery. Pushkar Camel Safari OvernightStarting around 3.30 p.m. from the Pushkar Festival Ground resort (in which you are staying) in Pushkar City Then we arrived at the sunset point, where many tourists enjoy activities such as camel and camel cart riding, and some traditional people were entertained by the musical instrument "rawan hatha" with dance.Sellers offer traditional dresses to wear on rent. You enjoy clicking photographs to see your family and friends. The facilities there are: 06 Camp, 09 Cottages, wooden furniture, attach baths, running hot and cold water, and a 24 hour electricity facility. We organise a gala dinner (vegetarian or nonvegetarian), a bonfire, and a wonderful folk performance for evening entertainment.